ETreeC ETreecosmo's Makeup Portolio


The WOC Natural Series: (7/10/18)

To enunciate and appreciate our beautiful womxn and their natural beauty. From their facial features, body, hair, hair styles, hair types, skin, nails, makeup, stretch marks, wrinkles, freckles, moles, melanin, birthmarks, acne, skin conditions, body hair, sexuality, piercings, tattoos, etc.

More importantly what all of these small or big things mean to us as womxn.

It’s important that womxn know they’re beautiful in all ways. To love ourselves and accept our selves everyday. 
We are Womxn.
We are Glamorous and Intelligent.
We run the world. 

Bikini Summer: (5/14/19)


Photoshoot #3 COMING SOON

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